Business owners wear many hats; in any given day you might see the owner of a business directly helping customers, balancing the books, hiring new employees and negotiating with vendors all in the space of a single day. The myriad of tasks that they complete are made possible with the capital they bring in. When the balances run low a merchant cash advance can give their business the boost that they need to not lose momentum and stay ahead of the competition.

Securing Immediate Cash For Your Business

The great news is that a merchant cash advance is both easy to qualify for and incredibly fast. Any business who accepts credit cards as a form of payment can reach out to a provider and receive the help they need. Most such lenders can have cash in your hands in as little as 48-72 hours. While rates for such a loan are not the lowest in the industry, repayment terms are easy to abide by and the potential upside for taking on such a loan can be huge for many businesses.

How This Kind Of Loan Works

A lender will approve you for your merchant cash advance and you’ll have money in hand in no time. You can immediately use these funds for whatever it is that your business needs, providing your business with the instant infusion that you need to remain competitive and help you thrive even in the most difficult situations. Repayments are automatic, provided via an agreement to allow the lender to take a percentage of all credit card sales for the day. Once the principle and the agreed upon charge for the loan are fully repaid, it’s business as usual.

Why It’s Worth It

As any business owner knows, things can change in an instant. Urgent expenses such as repairs and taxes might be the first things you think of, but there are far more reasons that you can not only benefit but profit from getting the money you need now. Instant cash can be used when the opportunity to pick up surplus inventory for pennies on the dollar comes up, or could even be used to bring on new employees when your business starts booming out of nowhere. The cost of a loan is often outweighed by the income it enables.

A fast business that can pivot quickly is a business that comes out on top. Business owners are savvy, but anyone can be surprised by a sudden change; making sure you know where you can get money right now if you need it can be the difference between success and failure.