As the creator of a startup, finding the motivation to keep pushing forward can be difficult. Successful entrepreneurs know that there are practices for maintaining the passion to excel. Here are a few ideas that can keep you striving to achieve your ambitions.


The tendency for type-A business people is to work as long and hard as possible. The amount of time you invest in your company isn’t necessarily a direct reflection of its performance. Working while feeling drained usually creates sub-par results and dissatisfied customers. Commit to leaving work at the same time every day. Once you are home, resist the urge to check your business email. Focus instead on loved ones and favorite activities. Contact a sleep specialist if you have trouble getting enough rest every night.


It’s difficult to remember your business dream when you’re bogged down in the daily mechanics of keeping an establishment running. Take a few moments each morning to meditate on the vision that spurred you into action. Coin a motto that’s meaningful to you and write it in big letters on a dry erase board. Reminding yourself of why you’re tackling a startup can help you stay on course.


Employers often create reward systems for their workers. Even if you’re self-employed, you can do the same for yourself. Identify goals and craft a prize structure that’s tailored to you. Grant yourself permission to take a day off, dine out, or purchase a fancy bottle of wine every time you reach one of your objectives. When getting out of bed seems unreasonable, the thought of indulging in a hard-earned treat is often enough to get you moving.


When you’re alone with your thoughts, it can be difficult to recognize the progress you’ve made. Chatting with others can help you realize how far you’ve come. Besides discussing your venture with friends and family, share work-related anecdotes with other entrepreneurs. Knowing that you’re not the only businessperson to struggle with operating a company can be reassuring. Let success stories be a reminder that overcoming obstacles is possible. Absent other people, spend time with a pet. Those who love animals will confirm that their unconditional love refreshes the soul.

Some businesspeople require strategies for keeping their motivation high. Unless you have an unending well of self-confidence, this likely describes you. Try these tactics for replenishing your drive in the face of corporate struggle.