Professional success and hard work are admirable goals; however, this can also trigger an unwieldy work life balance if you aren’t careful. Overworking can lead to burnout and unfulfilling existence over the long haul. If you suspect that you may be a workaholic and need to find a better balance with work, here are five signs that are warning signs to watch out for.

1.    You Outwork Your Peers

If you find yourself spending countless hours in the office, especially if you are outworking your colleagues, this is a classic sign of overworking. Working longer does not equate to a better or harder working professional and can be counterproductive. Instead, try your best to be productive and work hard during your work hours, leave at a reasonable hour and don’t let your work become all-consuming.

2.    You Struggle to Unplug

Another sign that you could be overworking is the inability to unplug. Everyone needs breaks to recharge. The reality is that the lack of breaks and inability to step away from work can lead you to burnout and leave you ineffectual, stressed and unhappy.

3.    Your Body Starts to Show Wear and Tear

When you are consistently overworked, healthy habits like eating well-balanced meals, getting sufficient sleep and exercising tend to fall to the wayside. This can lead to long-term detriments to your health and wellbeing. If you experience headaches, gastrointestinal problems, mood swings or negative coping mechanisms, you may need to examine your current work life balance.

4.    Your Work Starts to Impact Your Personal Life

When work takes the driver’s seat of your life, this can begin to affect your personal life and relationships. Prioritizing work can damage key relationships. Workaholics can experience substantial challenges with spouses, children and other close relationships. Don’t let work take over your life and dedicate some time to investing in the relationships that truly matter.

5.    Your Sense of Self-Worth Is Tied to Work

A mistake that many workaholics make is equating their self-worth with their professional lives. While achievement at work can be rewarding, it should not be everything. You are more than your job and it is important to understand that you are more than your professional success.

Work-life balance is possible, even for workaholics. The first step of finding a better balance is identifying the problem. If you exhibit any of these warning signs, take this as your first step to embrace a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.