Summer is right around the corner. Schools are letting out and people are looking forward to long vacations. For seasonal businesses, this means that now is the time to start preparing for an influx of people so they can maximize their revenue during the summer months. Fortunately, there are a few things that seasonal businesses can implement ahead of time to ensure they have new and returning customers from June to September.

1. Launch Marketing Campaigns Early

Walk-in customers are great, but to really boost revenue, it helps to let people know who you are, what you offer, and where they can find you. Give your website a refresh, print up flyers, offer discounts, and more, well in advance so you can start making sales the second the summer crowds gather.

2. Partner with Local Businesses

Seek out businesses that “mesh” with your own. A place that sells fishing gear may want to partner with a local store that sells grills, so people can cook up what they catch. Refreshment stands can offer discounts with local bars and restaurants. The combinations are endless, but the key is to build relationships that flow both ways, so customers are making purchases at both businesses and building revenue for all entrepreneurs.

3. Check Your Inventory

If you want to make sales throughout the summer, then you need to make sure your business is fully stocked. The last thing you want is a drop in sales because you run out of items and customers end up going to one of your competitors. Seasonal businesses should run an inventory check and also connect with suppliers to make sure there aren’t any issues with ordering more throughout the summer.

4. Hire Additional Staff

With the summer rush upon us, running a business with a skeleton crew can lead to long lines and frustrated customers. Having enough staff to adequately handle the needs of your customers can help to ensure you build an audience of people who keep coming back and spending throughout the season.

5. Working Capital

Marketing campaigns, purchasing inventory, and hiring staff all take money, and seasonal businesses need to have capital on hand before the summer rush starts. Traditional loans take too long to process and have increasingly prohibitive requirements. The good thing is there are accessible and affordable sources of working capital that will allow seasonal businesses to stay ahead of the curve without placing a strain on finances.

A merchant cash advance – as the name implies – provides seasonal businesses with an injection of capital that can be used for anything they need. Additionally, a merchant cash advance does not place debt on the books, nor does it impact credit ratings. Unlike a traditional loan, a merchant cash advance doesn’t have fixed payments. Instead, the balance is repaid electronically from a small percentage of credit card sales, so businesses can maximize their revenue throughout the summer without worrying about payments or placing a strain on cash flow.

Another option is for seasonal businesses to use an unsecured line of credit. Like a merchant cash advance, an unsecured line of credit can be used for anything, from inventory to marketing, hiring, equipment, and more. An unsecured line of credit works like a regular line in that you only pay on what you spend. Unlike a regular business line of credit, there are no collateral requirements, so seasonal businesses can easily get the capital they need.

Maximize Your Revenue This Summer!

If you own or run a seasonal business and want to maximize your revenue this summer, talk to the team at Prime Commercial Lending. We provide accessible and flexible working capital solutions so you can handle customer demands and increase profitability. Contact our offices today.