Recently Prime Commercial Lending’s founder and president Kris Roglieri, purchased an equity interest in Durham Funding, a Rochester, NY based factoring company. Durham Funding does both Purchase Order Financing and Factoring of accounts receivables in order to facilitate growth for small to medium size businesses. This acquisition is crucial for graduates of Roglieri’s other company, Commercial Capital Training Group. One of the first things Roglieri did was bump up commissions from the industry standard 10% to 15% commissions exclusively for all CCTG graduates. “This is a major development for our current graduates” said Roglieri. “All factoring lenders across the country pay 10% commissions to brokers but now our graduates get to take advantage exclusively of our 15% offer which enhances their business model” said Roglieri. Roglieri is the founder and president of Prime Commercial Lending which offers many commercial finance products and lends directly to commercial real estate investors. With this recent acquisition, Roglieri believes this move will not only enhances his finance company’s offering but also the graduates of his other company, Commercial Capital Training Group.