Whether you are a business owner, a commercial real estate investor, or an emerging entrepreneur, you want funding solutions that are tailored to your needs. Too much capital can leave borrowers saddled with debt. Too little, and they won’t be able to reach their goals. Finding the right financing for your business is crucial to long-term success.

There’s no such thing as “one size fits all”

Institutional channels and others offer cookie-cutter loans – that is, set loan amounts no matter how much is needed. Same interest rates. Same collateral and credit requirements. Same repayment terms. Others have lending limits, so that new, small, or medium businesses can only borrow so much before they have to source their financing from elsewhere. Neither option is ideal for a few reasons. First, smaller operations may not qualify for financing, or they may not get the full amount they need. Second, if they do meet the requirements, the amount of financing – or the financing program itself – may not be flexible enough to be scaled to their needs or processed quickly enough for them to keep their commercial projects on track.

Tailored Solutions

The commercial lending landscape is agile, and can provide customized solutions depending on the needs of business clients by offering a wide range of solutions – many of which are not debt-based loans. A startup or small business that does not have a lot of collateral or high credit ratings, for example, may need working capital and equipment. Unsecured financing and equipment leasing packages are a perfect fit for those needs, without placing debt on the balance sheet or staining cash flow. Some businesses need to boost their revenue, but they have a lot of capital tied up in unpaid customer invoices. AR financing can turn those receivables into cash quickly. On the commercial real estate side, there are similarly many options ranging from financing designed for property flippers and first-time investors to construction projects, large-balance lines of credit, and everything in between. Above all, what contrasts commercial lending and institutional channels is that commercial lenders are not beholden to decisions made by arbitrary loan boards and red tape. Commercial lenders work with business owners and property investors to create tailored solutions to help them overcome obstacles, reach their goals, and achieve sustainable growth.

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