The online entrepreneur publication recently interviewed Prime Commercial Lending founder and CEO Kris Roglieri.

“The business model we teach is truly recession resistant because of what our graduates offer… capital,” Roglieri, who is also founder and CEO of the Commercial Capital Training Group, told “When the economy is good the need for capital goes up because of growth. When the economy is bad, capital or lending is constrained which caused the demand to also go up.”

Roglieri also opened up about how he got into finance when, at age 8, he had a successful venture selling sports cards to other kids.

“In order to start my first venture, I asked my father if I could borrow $150 to start buying my inventory of cards to sell,” he told “I actually paid my father back in full within a month, due to the success I found with my childhood venture. Right then and there I realized at a very young age the power finance.”

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