From April 30th until May 6th, the United States is taking time to recognize the contributions and positive impact of small businesses throughout the country. Even though the landscape has ostensibly changed since the first National Small Business Week back in 1963, one thing remains true – the foundation of our economy is comprised of entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs Embrace the Future

From family-run stores on Main Street to franchises, innovative startups embracing e-commerce, digital delivery, and everything in between, entrepreneurs have the vision and are willing to take the necessary risks to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Almost everything available today can be traced back to a single person’s idea. Whether they went the route of patents and trademarks, licensing, or launching their own enterprise, these entrepreneurs took control of their own financial future, forging a path to success.

The Larger Impact of Small Businesses

Small businesses have a much bigger impact than they might realize. A small business may be the first step for a young person to build their resume, and working there may inspire them to launch their own business later on. Additionally, small businesses open opportunities to connect with the local community. Local business owners who participate in community events, or who drive initiatives to improve the neighborhood, gain goodwill and grow their customer base. Small businesses help to bring a community together, and with their participation and mentorship, they will encourage and train a new generation of entrepreneurs to take that big step.

Promoting Growth from Within

With the impact that small businesses have on their communities – and the economy as a whole – it is crucial that entrepreneurs have access to adequate funding without prohibitively high requirements or red tape. Small businesses need working capital, equipment, and the ability to grow. For these reasons and more, Prime Commercial Lending is committed to providing the financing small businesses need to thrive. We see you and recognize you. We celebrate your successes and strive to help you reach your goals by providing tailored solutions that are scaled to your needs and budget.

As we celebrate Small Business Week, it is important to know that there is a team that has your back. Prime Commercial Lending provides entrepreneurs with the funding they need to launch and grow their small businesses. Contact our offices today to learn more about our financing programs, and connect with a team that will structure a customized solution to help you reach your goals.