Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring can provide additional benefits to the business besides being able to sell invoices in exchange for cash. Those benefits can include your business now having an in-house credit team. We do the analysis of all your account debtors to check the credit worthiness and their ability to pay. Also by factoring with a non-recourse factoring lender, you in essence have credit insurance against your receivables when doing accounts receivables financing. If any of your account debtors stop paying on invoices that you have factored, the lender cannot come back to you and demand payment.

Target Industries For Factoring:

  • Factoring Staffing companies
  • Oil & Gas factoring
  • Factoring Law Firms
  • Factoring Medical Receivables
  • Transportation Factoring
  • Factoring for Manufacturing companies
  • Tech
  • Construction Factoring
  • Distribution
  • Freight
  • Mobilization Financing

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