Asset Based Lending FAQ

Many companies that find themselves in possession of strong balance sheet of assets, ranging from equipment and inventory to accounts receivable, find they are able to obtain favorable financing by pledging assets as collateral for the funds offered by the lender. In most cases the asset-based financing solution provides greater flexibility for the company in […]

What is Accounts Receivable Financing?

By Kris Roglieri Have you, as a business owner or manager, ever missed out on a great opportunity because your company didn’t have enough necessary cash flow at the time to take advantage of it and move forward? It can be frustrating to watch potentially amazing chances come and go, passing you by simply because […]

Considerations When Seeking Hotel Financing

The hotel industry is a difficult one to break into, and even more difficult to maintain once it’s been established. It is important when seeking hotel financing that you pick a property that works extremely well within your budget, as opposed to pushing the envelope with asking prices that may or may not pay off […]

The Alternative To No Growth Capital Is What?

By Kris Roglieri, CEO, Prime Commercial Lending and Co-owner, Durham Commercial Capital Alternative lending has been in the news lately.  On September 10, Bloomberg Businessweek ran a story titled: “What Do Small Businesses Need Banks for, Anyway?”  This was followed up a few weeks later by a post in the New York Times’ “You’re the […]

Using Bridge & Hard Money Loan (Infographic)

Using Bridge & Hard Money Loans- Infographic Transcript By Kris Roglieri Bridge Loans, also known as Hard Money Loans are short-term loans that are used to help a business through a financial gap until they secure longer term or permanent financing. How Bridge & Hard Money Loans Work: Step 1: Your business is in need […]

How To Do A Cash Flow Analysis For Your Business

They say money doesn’t create happiness…well in the business world…it does. In order for a business to run and function it needs a sufficient cash flow. Business needs cost money and without working capital to support those, the business is going to sink pretty quickly. Business owners should be performing a cash flow analysis monthly […]

Time Is Money: Financing Your Assets For Fast Cash

If you are looking into financing your assets you are most likely looking for cash to grow your business pretty quickly. Asset based lending can help reduce any startup or expansion costs by supporting you with the capital you need while still managing to keep money in the bank. Asset Based lending is taking out […]

4 Essential Franchise Financing Steps and Tips

So you want to start a franchise? Out of the immense amount of franchises to pick from, picking the franchise that will work best for you and your location is vital. There are many factors to consider when opening a franchise, financing being the biggest obstacle. Here are some key steps when it comes to […]

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