4 Things To Do Before Commercial Real Estate Rates Rise

Our economy has made a huge recovery since the crash of 2008. People are investing in real estate on both a personal and commercial scale, which also means that people are taking out short-term loans to help finance those investments. The effect of all of this is that while all of this property investment puts […]

Unsecured Business Loans FAQ

If you are making the exciting leap toward opening your own business, you’re probably going to need to learn more about business loans. Here a few answers to some frequently asked questions about obtaining unsecured loans to finance your small business.   What is an Unsecured Business Loan? Unlike a secured loan, this type of […]

Understanding Hard Money Business Loans

If you keep getting turned down for regular business loans, you don’t need to give up on your small business dreams just yet. Another option for financing your business is through a hard money business loan. These loans are often riskier than traditional loans, but can be very effective in case of financial emergencies or […]

Business Loan Options For Start Ups

Getting a business off the ground takes innovation, perseverance, determination, and financing.  Usually, start up businesses are in need a cash flow to grow their inventory right out of the gate or for other expenses associated with beginning a venture. There are a variety of business loans for which a small business might qualify, but […]

Small Business Equipment Leasing Benefits

Every small business has its own unique way of conducting business and approaching the different challenges it faces. Each business owner must decide the right courses to take. These courses will often be very different from the courses chosen by other business owners. However, when the time comes to obtain new equipment, many business owners […]

All About Commercial Real Estate Financing & Commercial Mortgages

Land is a finite resource, and as such it is typically one of the most stable forms of investing. The value of land is typically increased by development. It is common for commercial enterprises to develop their property with residential or business facilities, then sell the land for a profit. Commercial real estate financing allows […]

Understanding Asset Based Lending

Do you have a great idea for a start-up company, but you simply don’t have the funds to open a business? Or maybe you have already started your own business but you have recently come across tough times financially and you need a little extra help to make it through your current fiscal slump. If […]

Getting Paid On Time By Factoring Receivables

Boost Your Short-Term Cash Flow Through Factoring   At one time or another, many companies small or large find themselves with a cash shortage. This could be due to a lag between purchasing inventory and collecting on accounts, or it could be the result of a seasonal slump in sales. In either event, there are […]

Scotsman Guide Commercial Edition Publishes CEO Kris Roglieri

“Don’t Take ‘No’ For  A Lending Answer” By Kris Roglieri Prime Commercial Lending CEO, Kris Roglieri was recently published in the January 2014 Scotsman Guide- Commercial Edition discussing why more small business borrowers are turning to alternative sources of funding. The “Don’t Take ‘No’ For A Lender Answer” article highlights how commercial real estate borrowers […]

5 Ways To Improve Your Chances of Getting a Small Business Loan

Small businesses don’t always need large amounts of capital to get off the ground, but infrequent cash injections can help to generate growth. Getting approved for a small business loan is a little more complicated than other types of financing. This is especially true if you are a relatively new business that is interested in […]

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